About Lewis & Madge

Carin and Zani are the creative duo behind this small Cape Town artisan company.

We believe in quality, quality and quality. Our products are for those who love local, artisan, well made, well designed, functional products that will last.

We design and manufacture all our products ourselves and every product is 100% handmade, hand stitched (saddle stitch), hand cut and hand assembled. There are no machines involved in our manufacturing process. This delivers authentic and durable products and no two products will ever look exactly the same.


We only use the best full grain analine leather available and mostly South African sourced leather. The hides often have markings and this is part of the beauty of the leather. Kudu and Oryx especially have these characteristics which makes products more unique.

As all our products are made by hand it does take time to manufacture. We believe in excellent quality and therefore every product needs to be made carefully. We do not mass produce but we do fill bigger orders for corporate companies and shops. Manufacturing times can be from approx 7 working days to 2 months for bigger orders (and a small trained army to help!)

“Every design, every stitch, every bag is made with a lot of hard work and with genuine love.
We hope our clients love our work just as much as we do.“
-Zani and Carin-“


We often get asked where our name comes from.

Madge Lewis was my creative grandmother.

With creativity in our genes, our brand is in honour of all creative mothers and grandmothers who passes this gift along to their children.

Lewis and Madge

Unit 5 "The Blue Building ”  Short Street,  Riebeek Kasteel
Email:  info@lewisandmadge.com
Mobile: 082 654 2265

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